3D Scanning

At ISG, we are constantly striving to add value to our client services. For many partners, this means finding creative and innovative ways to complete tasks faster, with more accuracy, and at a more competitive price. 3D scanning, the latest trend in as-built and existing condition data collection, has emerged as one such solution.

When it comes to surveying and site evaluation, traditional tools, like the tape measure, offer status quo comfort and predictability. However, using laser light technology, 3D scanning captures existing conditions of structures and formations directly into a digital file, successfully integrating these two processes and streamlining ISG services. The versatile applications of this technology can be used to map complex piping systems, model fragile, historic structures, monitor construction, and even collect data from hazardous or unstable sites in instances of building failure or fire. Moreover, the equipment is light and easy to transport, providing unparalleled speed and safety when compared to traditional existing condition verification procedures.

ISG 3D Scanning Services