With communities continuing to grow, urban fabrics transitioning, and the environment becoming more fragile, the role of ISG civil engineers becomes even more vital. Their responsibility of applying true expertise and technical knowledge to help projects move forward fluidly is at the core of ISG’s business model and ultimately each client’s success. ISG engineers face complex challenges and opportunities daily, and are adept at applying their skills to craft solutions that effectively address all critical project components. ISG has built strong, strategic relationships with government officials, geotechnical specialists, and contractors that allow us to provide creative, cost-effective design solutions and effectively improve client sites, development opportunities, and public infrastructure.

ISG Civil Engineering Services


  • Agricultural Treatment Basins

    Agricultural Treatment Basins

  • AgriNatural Gas Southwest Pipeline

    AgriNatural Gas Southwest Pipeline

  • Blue Earth County Ditch No. 57

    Blue Earth County Ditch No. 57

  • Breckenridge Townhomes

    Breckenridge Townhomes

  • Cherokee Aquatic Center

    Cherokee Aquatic Center

  • Fairmont Water Treatment Plant

    Fairmont Water Treatment Plant

  • Faribault Soccer Complex

    Faribault Soccer Complex

  • Hometown Energy Wind Turbines

    Hometown Energy Wind Turbines

  • Kingsley Wastewater Treatment Plant

    Kingsley Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Minnesota State University, Mankato - Recreation & Athletic Field

    Minnesota State University, Mankato - Recreation & Athletic Field

  • The Marigold

    The Marigold

  • Yum! Brands

    Yum! Brands