All aspects of infrastructure including transportation, water systems, parks and trails, and utilities are at the foundation of every community’s success. They influence our daily lives and have a lasting impact on the environment. It is important work that demands highly skilled engineers—engineers that are true experts in the technical aspects of complex public projects.

At ISG, our civil engineers take their job a step further. They look at infrastructure as a responsibility. Whether functioning as an extension of the city or on a per project basis, they put their expertise delivering efficient, high-quality solutions for planning, design, technology, and administrative needs. By integrating budgets, planning, and prioritization, ISG helps cities protect their infrastructure assets and plan for maintenance and improvements. ISG has a long, successful history of effectively engaging community stakeholders and building open lines of communication with citizens, contractors, municipal staff, and regulators. This collaboration and attention to project details ensures communities thrive in healthy fiscal and physical environments.

ISG Municipal Engineering Services


  • Cherokee Aquatic Center

    Cherokee Aquatic Center

  • Claremont Water Treatment Facility

    Claremont Water Treatment Facility

  • Goodhue Water Tower

    Goodhue Water Tower

  • Lawton Water Treatment Plant

    Lawton Water Treatment Plant

  • Madison Lake Regionalization

    Madison Lake Regionalization

  • Odebolt Wastewater Lagoons

    Odebolt Wastewater Lagoons

  • Sample Street

    Sample Street

  • Sibley Parkway

    Sibley Parkway

  • Trunk Highway 60 Downtown Reconstruction and Improvements

    Trunk Highway 60 Downtown Reconstruction and Improvements