Project Info

Humboldt – Business Park
The City of Humboldt in conjunction with the Humboldt County Development Association is continuing the development of the Business Park located along the northern limits of the City of Humboldt. The development that the City is undergoing is the extension of Industrial Avenue to the South and then bends back to the East ending in a cul-de-sac. Read More

Chubb Street Improvements + McGregor and State Street Patching
Chubb Street work includes removal of non-functioning rails, street and ADA sidewalk improvements along with a new railroad crossing installed by Union Pacific Railroad. Access to adjacent businesses will be interrupted for short periods during this time. In addition, McGregor and State Street patching work includes removal of non-functioning rails, new railroad approaches, street and ADA sidewalk improvements. Read More

Algona Municipal Utilities Highway 18 Water Main Replacement
The project consists of the replacement of approximately 2,000 feet of 12 inch cast iron water main with new 12” PVC water main on the north side of Highway 18 for Algona Municipal Utilities. The existing water main is more than 50 years old and has experienced a large number of breaks attributed to the condition of the water main. Read More

City of Rockwell City and Calhoun County Downtown Reconstruction
Rockwell City is in the midst of improvement to the downtown courthouse square area and nearby business frontages. Phase 1 will replace the 4th Street area and Main Street area. Phase 2 will replace 5th street and Court Street areas. Read More

CSAH 1 – Rice County
CSAH 1 Improvement Project is focused on identifying a reconstruction plan for CSAH 1 between State Highway 3 and State Highway 246. CSAH 1 needs identified by Rice County and its partners is to improve the pavement condition, address traffic safety and mobility needs, and improve facilities for all users (pedestrians, bicyclists, heavy truck traffic, agricultural equipment etc.) . Read More

Tetonka-Sakatah Lake Improvement District
To help fund projects improving water quality, the establishment of a LID would provide consistent funding by landowners and political power to help achieve outside funding to supplement lake management projects. Read More

Adams Sump Pump Inspections
To minimize the costs associated with wastewater treatment within the City of Adams, the City is seeking to reduce the amount of inflow and infiltration to the sanitary sewer treatment system. An effective solution to reduce this potential is to ensure that all residential and business sump pumps are disconnected from the sanitary sewer. Read More