Sioux City Promenade

Sioux City Promenade

Sioux City, IA

Nestled in the heart of downtown, the Promenade is surrounded by the local movie theatre, Sioux City Convention Center, and nearby coffee shops, bars, and restaurants. Home of the popular Fridays on the Promenade and Awesome Biker Nights, the Promenade brings many residents downtown and serves as the City’s cultural and community epicenter. To repair the area’s existing pavers, which were failing after decades of use, ISG assisted with the development of sustainable designs that also promoted local businesses, outdoor opportunities, efficient storm water management, and responsible environmental stewardship.

Initially, it was difficult to improve the overall look and positive feel of the Promenade while reducing nutrient loads to surface waters. With innovative designs, these challenges became opportunities by managing storm water through the use of multi-functional urban greenspace. Considering community goals detailed in the City’s 2015 Capital Improvement Plan, ISG targeted the unique uses and needs of the Promenade improvement project area. Renovations included replacing old concrete and aging pavers with standard and colored concretes. Improvements also added a planting plan, new site furnishings, designs for a bio retention area, concrete seating wall, and increased greenspace.

The Promenade’s high pedestrian traffic and importance to the City created the perfect opportunity to showcase innovative storm water management solutions, while enhancing the beauty and amenities of the area. Following project completion, which is currently underway, ISG will attend a storm water demonstration event showing the community how the new storm water infrastructure and permeable surface will manage rainfall, run-off, and roof drainage. These changes will further enhance the Promenade as a dynamic community gathering space amidst Sioux City’s vibrant downtown.


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