City of Monroe

West Lincoln Street Improvements


ISG and the City of Monroe would like to thank the community for your patience and cooperation throughout the duration of this project. Many variables may impact the proposed schedule and we will work together to keep the community informed on any changes. Residents will be notified during the project to give continual updates on the construction work and project schedule.


Project Summary

  • Reconstruction of existing roadway
  • Sanitary sewer manhole adjustments, storm sewer structure and culvert replacement
  • Replacement of sidewalks with ADA Improvements



Construction Updates


Project Newsletter – September 24, 2018

Construction is set to begin on the West Lincoln Street Improvements project between Business 163 and York Street. Construction will begin on Wednesday, September 26th at the earliest and vehicular access will be not allowed once construction commences.

Once the subbase has been placed on the new roadway, limited access to the roadway will be allowed. However, vehicle access onto this roadway is not recommended as construction will be taking place. Once the asphalt work starts, the roadway will be completely shut down for construction to take place. During that time we ask for the cooperation of citizens as the contractors work to construct this roadway as quickly and efficiently as possible. Trash removal will be coordinated with the contractor and trash provider. Residents shall label their house address to their respective trash containers and be placed at the end of their property on trash day.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience the construction of the project may cause and will work together with the contractor and City staff to minimize these impacts as much as possible.


Project Contacts


Kim Thomas
City Clerk

Lenny Larson

Alex Amadeo

Quentin Kaufman
TK Concrete