CSAH 1 – Rice County Archive



  • Weeks of April 2, 2019 and April 9, 2018
    • Tree clearing, expected to take 2 working days to complete. Flaggers and shoulder/lane closures in the immediate vicinity of the work will be utilized. Drivers along this segment of CSAH No. 1 (110th St) should expect minor traffic delays.
    • Utility relocations (electric, gas, communications) to begin. Drivers along this segment of CSAH No. 1 (110th St) should expect minor traffic delays associated with crews/equipment working on the relocations.
  • Starting April 30, 2018
    • Notice to Bridgewater Heights Residents
      • County Road No. 1 road closure scheduled for Monday, April 30th. Bridgewater Heights residents will continue to utilize County Road No. 1 on Monday. Ingress/egress will be via County Road No. 1 to MN TH 246 only.
  • Week of May 7 – 12
    • Relocate sanitary sewer and watermain in vicinity of box culvert
    • Excavate and prepare bedding for box culvert
    • Construct Breckenridge driveway
    • Begin mass earthwork operations in roundabout area
    • Apply dust control to extension of Highland Pkwy (temp road) Wednesday/Thursday, weather permitting
  • Week of May 14 – 19
    • Complete watermain and sanitary sewer forcemain connection and testing at box culvert location
    • Excavate and prepare bedding for box culvert
    • Crane and box culvert delivery/installation is scheduled for Wednesday; contingent upon gas main cutover on Tuesday
    • Continue mass grading operations between Highland Pkwy and Erwin Way
  • Week of June 4, 2018
    • Heselton Construction continues to work on storm sewer near the box culvert and will be installing storm sewer easterly toward Highland Parkway.
    • Grading is progressing west toward Enwood Trail. Gas should be cleared in the Highland Parkway area Monday night and grading will then continue in the roundabout area.
    • The Dundas PRV is scheduled to be removed next week and construction of the new PRV at the intersection of TH 3/CSAH 1 is also anticipated to begin.