CSAH 1 – Rice County



Notice to Bridgewater Heights Residents: As of May 1st, Bridgewater Heights residents will begin using the temporary extension of Highland Parkway to 115th Street.


Notice of Road Closure (Rice County – 4.11.2018)


Rice County contemplates CSAH 1 construction concerns (Faribault Daily News)


Bid Summary: Heselton Construction, LLC was awarded the CSAH 1 Reconstruction contract on March 13, 2018.


Last updated July 3, 2018

  • Starting April 30, 2018
  • As of May 1, 2018, Bridgewater Heights residents will begin using the temporary extension of Highland Parkway to 115th Street.
  • June 29, 2018
    • Sanitary Sewer and Watermain Relocation is nearly complete at Highland Pkwy
    • Xcel Gas is relocating their gas main again
    • Tolerancing of subgrade from Endwood Way easterly has begun
    • Sand subbase placement is scheduled to begin early next week
    • Cement stabilization of the clay subgrade is scheduled for July 5th
    • Wingwall construction at the box culvert has commenced
    • The stormwater pond has been partially excavated to serve as a temporary sediment basin
    • Temporary seeding/mulching on areas that are finish graded
    • Storm sewer installation in the roundabout will begin next week, following completion of the sanitary sewer and watermain
  • July 10, 2018
    • Contractor planning to remove one-half of the reclaim material (aggregate) from TH 3 to Endwood Tr.
      • Wendwood Addition traffic will continue to utilize current access for the remainder of the week and into early next week
      • A dynamic sign board will be placed at Endwood Tr. to notify local traffic of a pending access change and the date for the proposed change
    • Contractor to construct roadway up to crushed rock grade from Jefferson Rd. to just east of Erwin Way
      • Upon completion, Wendwood Addition traffic will ingress/egress from Erwin Way to Jefferson Rd., via the crushed rock portion of CSAH No. 1.
    • Contractor to then begin full grading operations from Endwood Tr. to TH 3. No local access to Wendwood Addition will be permitted from TH 3 to Endwood Tr.
    • Emergency services, US Mail, and garbage services will be notified of the pending access location change
    • On Tuesday, July 17, the contractor intends to mill the remaining bituminous and aggregate base
    • On Wednesday, July 18, the contractor intends to begin reclamation of the remaining bituminous and aggregate base.
      • Local traffic currently ingressing/egressing from the east (TH 246) will continue this practice, however, it will be on an aggregate roadway
      • This work is in preparation for grading operations to progress easterly
      • As grading progresses easterly, local access changes should be expected and will be communicated
  • November 3, 2018 – Completion date for all work with the exception of:
    • Final wear course paving on CSAH 1
    • Aggregate shouldering
    • Final pavement markings
    • Minor grading and shaping
    • Spot location turf establishment
    • Other minor or miscellaneous work
    • Final Completion July 20, 2019

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CSAH 1 Improvement Project is focused on identifying a reconstruction plan for CSAH 1 between State Highway 3 and State Highway 246. CSAH 1 is an important roadway serving both a regional function across Rice County and a local function with connections between the steadily growing residential and commercial areas of Dundas, Northfield, and Bridgewater Township. The existing pavement on  CSAH 1 is in poor condition and in need of repair. Rice County has begun planning for a reconstruction of CSAH 1 in 2018 to address this need. Because CSAH 1 is also an important roadway to the communities in this area, Rice County initiated discussions with Northfield, Dundas and Bridgewater Township representatives earlier this year to gather their input on additional needs a CSAH 1 project could address.


County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 1 is a minor arterial roadway providing an important east/west regional function between Interstate 35 in Rice County and State Highway 52 in Goodhue County. In addition to this regional function, CSAH 1 also serves a local role by providing connections between the steadily growing residential and commercial areas of Dundas, Northfield and Bridgewater Township between State Highway 3 and State Highway 246.

Currently, the pavement on CSAH 1 is in poor condition and is in need of rehabilitation. This 1.6 mile corridor has 21 public and private access points. Many of these accesses do not meet current design standards nor meet recommended access spacing guidelines. While the overall CSAH 1 corridor does not have a significant crash issue, there are a few locations experiencing more crashes than expected (when compared to similar facilities). Crash data for the Highland Parkway/Farrel Avenue intersection with CSAH 1 was reviewed and showed there is not a crash issue at this location; however, concerns about safety at this intersection have been expressed. There are currently no pedestrian/bicycle facilities along CSAH 1 yet residential development and pedestrian destinations (i.e., schools, YMCA, retail land uses)are located within walking/biking distance of the corridor. Traffic volumes on CSAH 1 are approximately 4,000 vehicles per day and are anticipated to almost double within the next 10 years, nearing the roadway’s capacity threshold.

As the areas surrounding CSAH 1 continue to urbanize, the demands for additional local access and pedestrian/bicycle facilities and crossings have the potential to conflict with the safe and efficient movement of traffic on CSAH 1 in its current configuration. Considering Rice County’s overall funding levels and limited available right‐of‐way along CSAH 1, it will be difficult to address more than basic improvements to the corridor without local and/or state agency partnerships and funding participation.



For questions, contact the CSAH 1 Project Manager:
Mat Thibert, PE