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ATTENTION BRIDGEWATER HEIGHTS, BITTERSWEET, AND TIMBERLANE RESIDENTS (posted 9/6/2018): County Road No. 1 from the roundabout to Trunk Highway No. 3 is CLOSEDThe use of Highland Parkway to 115th Street is the current access to your subdivisions.  Use of the closed road has become significant and is now a serious safety concern for the crews working on the project. Law enforcement has been requested and fines may be issued

Thank you to all those that continue to obey the road signage and your patience as work progresses.

At this time (10/23/2018) the first lift pavement has been completed on CSAH No. 1. At this time, no traffic ingress/egress changes are imminent. Second lift paving, sealing of concrete joints, pavement markings, signage, roundabout lighting, and finish grading and seeding all need to take place before the roundabout can be opened to Bittersweet and Bridgewater Heights traffic. Please do not drive around the barricades, over the curb, across the graded areas or on the trail.

To facilitate complete construction of the roundabout, the temporary road that serves the Bittersweet Subdivision will need to be relocated.  The Contractor will begin today clearing additional trees to facilitate a minor relocation of the temporary access.  This will not change your access or direction of travel, to and from your homes.  Relocation of the temp road will allow the transition from the curb and gutter to Farrel Ave to be constructed while still providing the residents with reasonable access. (9/28/18)

Paving on CSAH 1 from TH 3 to the roundabout will begin Wednesday, September 26th. Access to the Wendwood subdivision will be provided via TH 3 or Jefferson Rd, but not necessarily both depending on the location of the paving crew and trucks hauling material. We apologize for the short notice, however, recent weather events have played a significant factor in the schedule of this project and others. Thank you for your patience.

Notice to Bittersweet and Timberlane Residents:  Beginning Friday, September 21st, residents will ingress/egress via County Road No. 1 to MN TH 246. Bittersweet residents will again use the temporary road to bypass the roundabout area. Work on the concrete roundabout is scheduled to begin on September 22nd, and may take several weeks to complete. Emergency services, mail, garbage and the school bus company are being notified of the pending access change.

Notice to residents of the Timberlane Addition: Beginning August 23, residents will ingress/egress via County Road No. 1 to Highland Parkway to 115th Street. This is necessary to allow grading options to proceed easterly toward TH No. 246. This route is expected to be used until late September. At that time, it is anticipated that Timberlane and Bittersweet residents will be directed to ingress/egress from TH No. 246 so that the concrete can be poured to complete the roundabout.

Notice to Bridgewater Heights Residents: As of May 1st, Bridgewater Heights residents will begin using the temporary extension of Highland Parkway to 115th Street.



Notice of Road Closure (Rice County – 4.11.2018)


Rice County contemplates CSAH 1 construction concerns (Faribault Daily News)


Bid Summary: Heselton Construction, LLC was awarded the CSAH 1 Reconstruction contract on March 13, 2018.


Last updated July 3, 2018

  • Starting April 30, 2018
  • As of May 1, 2018, Bridgewater Heights residents will begin using the temporary extension of Highland Parkway to 115th Street.
  • Week of August 13, 2018 (weather permitting)
    • Pour concrete curb and gutter around catch basins
    • Backfill concrete curb and gutter poured last week
    • Wednesday, August 15 – cement stabilization of subgrade soils from east side of roundabout to Timberland Drive
    • Thursday – Friday, August 16 – 17 – haul and place select granular subbase and reclaim material from roundabout to Timberlane Drive
  • Week of August 20, 2018 (weather permitting)
    • Haul and place Class 2 aggregate base from east side of roundabout to Timberlane Drive
    • Tolerance aggregate base from TH 3 to west side of roundabout in preparation for bituminous paving
    • Pave base course from TH 3 to roundabout and possibly the trail late in the week
    • NOTE: CSAH No. 1 is NOT open to thru traffic, including Bittersweet and Bridgewater heights residents. Residents need to continue to use 115th Street.
    • NOTE: the concrete roundabout will not be paved until after all select granular subbase material has been hauled and placed on the project. The material comes from the west and the Contractor does not want to damage green concrete with loaded trucks. Expected time frame for completing the roundabout is late September.
  • November 3, 2018 – Completion date for all work with the exception of:
    • Final wear course paving on CSAH 1
    • Aggregate shouldering
    • Final pavement markings
    • Minor grading and shaping
    • Spot location turf establishment
    • Other minor or miscellaneous work
    • Final Completion July 20, 2019

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CSAH 1 Improvement Project is focused on identifying a reconstruction plan for CSAH 1 between State Highway 3 and State Highway 246. CSAH 1 is an important roadway serving both a regional function across Rice County and a local function with connections between the steadily growing residential and commercial areas of Dundas, Northfield, and Bridgewater Township. The existing pavement on  CSAH 1 is in poor condition and in need of repair. Rice County has begun planning for a reconstruction of CSAH 1 in 2018 to address this need. Because CSAH 1 is also an important roadway to the communities in this area, Rice County initiated discussions with Northfield, Dundas and Bridgewater Township representatives earlier this year to gather their input on additional needs a CSAH 1 project could address.


County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 1 is a minor arterial roadway providing an important east/west regional function between Interstate 35 in Rice County and State Highway 52 in Goodhue County. In addition to this regional function, CSAH 1 also serves a local role by providing connections between the steadily growing residential and commercial areas of Dundas, Northfield and Bridgewater Township between State Highway 3 and State Highway 246.

Currently, the pavement on CSAH 1 is in poor condition and is in need of rehabilitation. This 1.6 mile corridor has 21 public and private access points. Many of these accesses do not meet current design standards nor meet recommended access spacing guidelines. While the overall CSAH 1 corridor does not have a significant crash issue, there are a few locations experiencing more crashes than expected (when compared to similar facilities). Crash data for the Highland Parkway/Farrel Avenue intersection with CSAH 1 was reviewed and showed there is not a crash issue at this location; however, concerns about safety at this intersection have been expressed. There are currently no pedestrian/bicycle facilities along CSAH 1 yet residential development and pedestrian destinations (i.e., schools, YMCA, retail land uses)are located within walking/biking distance of the corridor. Traffic volumes on CSAH 1 are approximately 4,000 vehicles per day and are anticipated to almost double within the next 10 years, nearing the roadway’s capacity threshold.

As the areas surrounding CSAH 1 continue to urbanize, the demands for additional local access and pedestrian/bicycle facilities and crossings have the potential to conflict with the safe and efficient movement of traffic on CSAH 1 in its current configuration. Considering Rice County’s overall funding levels and limited available right‐of‐way along CSAH 1, it will be difficult to address more than basic improvements to the corridor without local and/or state agency partnerships and funding participation.



For questions, contact the CSAH 1 Project Manager:
Mat Thibert, PE