3D Scanning + Drone


A good tool helps make work possible. A great tool makes that same work easier and safer while driving innovative results. When it comes to surveying, facility, and site evaluation, traditional tools offer status quo comfort and predictability. However, the continued use of these manual methods leaves troublesome gaps for technicians, designers, and construction professionals as they work to convert hand-recorded data collected into the digital models that have emerged as an industry standard in the twenty-first century.


Using laser light technology, 3D scanning captures existing conditions of structures and formations directly into a digital file to streamline processes. Moreover, the equipment is light and easy to transport, providing unparalleled speed and safety when compared to traditional existing condition verification procedures.


Using images collected during fly-overs, ISG’s in-house certified drone pilots capture aerial survey photos, quickly model surfaces, and develop preliminary site plans more efficiently than traditional methods. The use of drones can also help control the cost and necessary duration of construction phase services, as the images provide observation and site analysis capabilities, complementing traditional boots on the ground site visits. Drones also gather highly-accurate and interactive site information for project areas that span multiple miles and dynamic natural landscapes. Moreover, video and photography captured during these drone flyovers produce excellent images for marketing and promotional materials, adding to their project value.

In addition, drone technology’s 3D capabilities allow our design and engineering teams to accurately demonstrate where specific project elements, such as agricultural drainage tiles, utility piping, structural additions, and soil corrections, are required with greater clarity. For ISG’s environmental group, this creates the ability to provide a more comprehensive look into how project construction may affect the surrounding landscape, providing clients with additional, long-term service value.

ISG 3D Scanning, Drone, and Survey Overview