Land Surveying

At ISG, we do more than recognize the fundamental importance of measuring and collecting accurate site data. We know we’re at the very starting point of someone’s vision becoming reality. When clients are provided with accurate maps and site information, they are assured their investment is safe, survey is true, and they are building on a reliable, legal foundation. The practice of land surveying is a professional service, overseen by state engineering and land surveying boards which requires separate licensure from the practice of engineering. Whether the project requires simple boundary identification or a more complex survey, ISG land surveyors accurately obtain information using traditional survey methods complemented by the latest technology, including in-house 3D laser scanning services.

ISG Land Surveying Services

Land Surveying

  • AgriNatural Gas Southwest Pipeline

  • Bridgewater Heights

  • Del Monte

  • Fairmont Water Treatment Plant

  • Farmington Synthetic Field

  • Hometown Energy Wind Turbines

  • Millerbernd Manufacturing

  • Minnesota Valley Health Center

  • Monroe County Aquatic Center

  • US Highway 20

  • US Highway 59

  • Wells Fargo