Transportation networks have a tremendous impact on the movement of people and goods between and within communities. The quality and value of transportation systems influence our communities’ economic viability, quality of life, environmental health, and future development. At ISG, we work closely with clients to engage and truly listen to community members, officials, and other stakeholders to fully understand their needs, desires and goals,  and meet them with safe, efficient, and robust solutions. We plan, design, administer construction, and assist in maintaining a variety of transportation systems including streets, highways, bridges, trails, and traffic control systems. ISG’s multi-disciplinary team of experts is well versed in local, state, and federal funding mechanisms and project development processes.

ISG Transportation Engineering Services


  • Madison Lake Regionalization

  • Mill Creek Bridge

  • Sample Street

  • Sibley Parkway

  • Trunk Highway 60 Downtown Reconstruction and Improvements

  • US Highway 14 Roundabout

  • US Highway 20

  • US Highway 59

  • West Lakeshore Drive