ISG focuses on five key values that are instilled in each professional and relayed to clients, guiding our everyday operations and interactions; Responsiveness, Creativity, Ingenuity, Eagerness, and Accountability.

Our people are team-oriented, innovative, committed, humble, and invested in success. We are a firm focused on strengths, using those talents to guide personal development and team collaboration. We are involved in our communities. We manage through empowerment and lead by example, mentoring at all levels and stages. But guess what – even while we are passionate about our work, we love to have fun, too. We are eager and energetic, and fully embrace a work hard, play hard mentality. You might see us on the patio over lunch during the warm summer months, or keeping warm with a local brew that we may have just designed a facility for.

It’s great to work for a firm that has allowed me to grow and further develop my career. The willingness of leaders to not only listen to my suggestions, but take action regarding those suggestions is outstanding. Together, we have improved our work process and production from start to finish.” – Randy Potter Director, Production Operations (12+ years at ISG)

By targeting students, seasoned professionals, specialists, local leaders, as well as talented groups through acquisition, ISG’s talent engagement efforts look to bring new team members to our firm that mirror these values, embody the culture we’ve worked hard to build – and, are just plain awesome.

ISG’s growth and sustainability are based on the unwavering belief that we need to grow for the betterment of our people and firm. We are entrepreneurial. We believe in having the right people on board, and being disciplined about that in good times and when faced with new challenges. And most importantly, we foster growth through positive mentorship and progressive ideas that lead to strategic decisions. We believe that this unwavering understanding of who we are, our culture, and values translates to better services for our partners, and that it will continue to guide ISG’s future positive growth as a firm. #ISGAllIn