Chuck Brandel PE

Vice President


During his career, Chuck Brandel has earned an outstanding reputation for maximizing the value of projects for each client. His significant experience in private sector projects includes land-use planning and design for all types of developments such as industrial, commercial, educational, and residential sites. Chuck’s ability to work closely with owners, government officials, geotechnical specialists, and contractors provides his clients creative design solutions that effectively utilize the site and enhance development opportunities. Paired with his extensive knowledge of industry Best Management Practices, Chuck successfully develops solutions that accommodate site conditions and available utilities, minimize necessary soil corrections, and obtain best value for clients.

Chuck’s significant expertise in agricultural drainage is widely recognized in both Minnesota and Iowa and has made him a frequently requested authority and designer on drainage projects throughout the region. As a preeminent drainage engineer, Chuck well understands the required processes and procedures for these projects and works closely with landowners, drainage authorities, and regulatory agencies throughout design and funding allocation processes. This highly strategic approach results in timely delivery and projects that improve drainage while reducing the impact of the improvements on the environment and landscape.


Expertise: Agriculture Drainage

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