Dan Stueber LS, PE

Principal, Practice Group Leader


As both a professional Land Surveyor and licensed Civil Engineer, Dan provides a unique expertise and holistic perspective for clients and the projects he leads. With this knowledge of land surveying and civil engineering, Dan possesses a comprehensive understanding of how these two fields interrelate; what considerations need to be identified for each; and how both may affect site development. Dan supports ISG engineers and designers with his assessments, combining their efforts to continuously drive stronger project results for clients.

As a leader of ISG’s Land Survey Group, Dan manages an experienced staff of Land Surveyors, Technicians, and Project Managers. Dan and his staff are an integral part of each project team and perform a range of important services including record research for boundary surveys and platting projects, preparation of legal descriptions of property for legal transactions, reviews of title commitments for ALTA/ACSM land title surveys, and organization of preliminary and final plat layouts.

Integrating the most recent technology with projects, Dan was instrumental in the adoption of 3D laser scanning within ISG. This instrument is light-weight and easy to transport, facilitating its usage in facility management, as-built drawings, and historic building surveys and analysis to name a few. Equipped with 3D Scanning technology, Dan improves worker safety conditions and expedites data collection capabilities to keep projects moving forward. Dan uses this valuable, cost and time-effective tool to capture accurate images of existing conditions that are instantly streamlined into a digital file.

In addition to earning his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from South Dakota State University, Dan attended land surveying coursework at St. Cloud State University. Dan is a licensed Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor in four states.


Engineering Expertise: Land Surveying

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