Jason Hoehn PE

Principal, Practice Group Leader


With more than 20 years of professional experience as a structural engineer and licensure in 26 states, Jason provides vast knowledge and expertise to lead ISG’s Structural Engineering Group, with projects ranging from historic restoration to assessing tornado-damaged buildings and designing manufacturing plants. Throughout his career, Jason has developed a reputation for designing cutting-edge structures that encompass the latest building technologies, systems, and products. Jason has acquired extensive experience in designing conventional steel-framed structures, pre-engineered metal building systems, pre-stressed concrete structures, wood-framed structures, and light gauge steel-framed structures, including numerous multi-story buildings.

In every project, Jason develops a thorough understanding of the unique goals of each client through open communication. He identifies project goals early in the design process, and his client-centric approach provides facility owners with a building that not only meets their needs, but also maximizes the return on their investment. Pairing this approach with outstanding customer service, Jason has developed a large base of loyal, long-term clients, especially those in the industrial, manufacturing and food processing industries. His expertise and the ability to work collaboratively with the architectural and engineering disciplines provide facility designs that are cost-effective and efficient for maximum production capacities.

Jason has also worked on a wide variety of forensic engineering projects including analysis of hundreds of structures damaged by storms, tornadoes, and excessive wind and snow loads.

An Associate Member of AIA and the American Concrete Institute, Jason connects with other professionals to stay current with best practices and new technology. Jason attended Iowa State University, receiving his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.


Engineering Expertise: Structural Engineering

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