Rod Schumacher

Principal, Facilities Planning and Development


A degree in accounting, coupled with a successful 25-year career in private business, has equipped Rod to guide clients throughout the project planning process. From assisting with site selection through analysis of project feasibility, budgeting and financing options, Rod helps clients determine the best and most effective solutions to meet their facility needs, whether it be new construction or renovation.

In addition to his strong business background, Rod has many years of experience working with environmental, health, and safety programs. He completed OSHA 501 training and certification, providing him with an understanding of the many regulations and environmental factors that can affect business operations and employee well-being.

Rod also has a long, successful history working with PreK-12 education clients in all aspects of facility assessment, planning, maintenance, and operations. Rod helps each unique community balance cost-effective, sustainable solutions with the ever-evolving needs of students and staff. His ability to identify the critical issues that affect school facility projects, administrators, board members, staff, and students provides valuable insight for the education clients he supports.

Rod’s out-going and congenial personality allow him to easily relate to ISG clients, get to know them well, and gain a thorough understanding of their needs and critical project elements early on in the planning process, ensuring a successful project outcome and facilities that serve them well into the future.

Rod cultivates and maintains positive working relationships with industry partners, keeping them at the forefront of innovative technology trends. Receiving his Bachelor of Business and Accounting from Minnesota State University, Mankato, Rod provides exceptional professional consulting services that support the long-term success of local, state, and national multi-disciplinary projects.


Education Expertise: PreK-12 Education

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