Tom Grafft

Associate Principal


As an Iowa DNR Certified Operator for water treatment, distribution, and wastewater treatment systems, Tom Graftt provides the training necessary to understand state regulations, permit requirements, sampling procedures, and general theory of treatment in preparation for the State Operator’s Certification Exam. As Project Manager for the Affidavit Operator Services, Tom’s job responsibilities include managing numerous water and wastewater facilities in northwest Iowa to allow them to stay in compliance with Iowa Department of Natural Resources permits, preparing and filing all necessary reports to the IDNR, performing all required sampling and testing, performing general maintenance, and submitting reports to the City Council or Board of Directors. Tom’s responsibilities also include providing operator training services to those communities who have hired a new operator with little or no experience. In addition, Tom also frequently volunteers his time to present topics at operator training seminars and continuing education courses in the water and wastewater industry.


Engineering Expertise: Water/Wastewater

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