City of Tracy 2017 Infrastructure Improvements

In response to wastewater treatment system deficiencies including inflow and infiltration into sanitary lines, the City of Tracy would frequently have to open bypass structures after as little as 1” of rain and discharge diluted sewage directly into the stormwater system and downstream creeks. As a result, ISG partnered with the City on a series of wastewater treatment improvements. The current construction project consists of 13 blocks of utility and street reconstructions and another 3,500 linear feet of sanitary outfall line. The existing storm and sanitary lines run through private properties and under some houses requiring an incredible amount of coordination with private property owners as the old line cannot be abandoned until they have rerouted their private services to the new main. The new system has already been tested by rainfall. Even with 3” summer rains, the system was able to handle the water and there was no need for bypassing. Additional wastewater improvement projects will continue throughout the City.