Humboldt – Business Park

The City of Humboldt in conjunction with the Humboldt County Development Association is continuing the development of the Business Park located along the northern limits of the City of Humboldt. The development that the City is undergoing is the extension of Industrial Avenue to the South and then bends back to the East ending in a cul-de-sac. The total length of new road to be constructed is 1,300 feet. The road will be an 8” thick PCC road surface, constructed at 37’ wide matching the existing width of Industrial Avenue.

Included with the roadway extension all utilities, storm, sanitary, and water, will be extended to be able to serve the future businesses that will move into the area. This includes a total length of 1,073 feet of 10” polyvinyl chloride piping (PVC) sanitary sewer that will follow the centerline alignment of the roadway. The watermain extension will be constructed with 8” ductile iron piping (DIP) at a length of 1,018 feet. The watermain runs along the east and northern side of the road. The storm sewer additions will all outlet to the existing retention basin located on the south side of the property just north of Three Rivers Trail. The project will add two additional storm sewer outlets to this basin utilizing 604’ of 15” reinforced concrete pipe (RCP).

Wicks Construction is the Prime Contractor for the project and will be doing the paving of the roadway itself. Denver Underground will do all of the utility work; installing piping, structures, and services. The grading sub-contractor is Erpelding Excavating Enterprises and they will do the preliminary grading before utilty work is completed and final grading prior to the paving of the roadway itself. The total contract price for the work came in at $574,877.92 with the Engineer’s Estimate being $821,651.50. There were a total of 7 bidders on the project. The substantial completion date for all of the work excluding the paving of the roadway is December 1st, 2016 with the roadways substantial completion date being June 30, 2017. Construction began on the project the last week of September.

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