Bravo Foods

Bravo Foods

Bravo Foods, a Taco Bell franchisee, comprises of 33 locations throughout Georgia and Florida. As the new 2012 franchisee continues growing, ISG has consistently contributed architectural, interior design, and engineering services, becoming an approved Taco Bell design service provider.

When constructing new restaurants, the Taco Bell prototype restaurant is used to uphold the brand name’s nationally recognized image, but the design is also adapted to meet the more localized and specific vision of Bravo Foods. The prototype layout has been rotated, mirrored, or flipped, depending on what best suits the present location, and building designs can accommodate prefabricated wood construction and traditional stick build construction. Integrating applicable codes and regulations into the planning process ensures that the facility adjusts to regional needs.

Maximizing space usage is an essential element in designing, especially when building plans must incorporate an additional restaurant such as Pizza Hut or Long John Silvers. These uniquely combined dining spaces require specialized planning, and have the benefit of offering customers greater food variety in a single location. Another important element is coordinating plans with the selected fixture, furniture, and equipment vendors. Before crafting preliminary plans, it is crucial to know the required furnishings of the facility.

By being adaptable and sensitive to local concerns, Bravo Foods provides its customers with excellent facilities and quality service.


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