City of Clarion CIP

City of Clarion CIP

Clarion, IA

ISG developed a CIP for the City of Clarion, and also provided design and engineering solutions for the following projects identified as part of that planning process.

Stormwater Drainage Study

Large rainfall events resulted in flooding that caused substantial hazards and serious problems to Clarion’s residents. An analysis of the storm sewer system was conducted by ISG, and solutions were recommended to serve three distinct areas through a combination of detention basins, storm sewer improvements, and downstream drainage ditch improvements. The solutions provide relief from future rain events in Clarion and surrounding areas.
Water Main Improvement Design Planning

With little time to spare before the City’s Low to Moderate (LMI) study expired, ISG developed a Preliminary Engineering Report for CDBG submittal analyzing the need for water main improvements to the existing system. ISG’s analysis identified a strategy to eliminate many of the 2-inch, dead-end water mains, replace them with a minimum water main size of 6 inches, and loop all locations to greatly increase the water quality in the area. In addition, this solution would also address water main break problem areas. Understanding that an expedited schedule was critical to capitalizing on the existing LMI study, ISG completed all services in a month’s time.

Public Works

  • Alta Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Cherry Street Ramp

  • Fairmont Water Treatment Plant

  • Goodhue Water Tower

  • Humboldt Pavement Management Study

  • Kingsley Wastewater Treatment

  • Lawton Water Treatment Plant

  • Madison Lake Regionalization

  • Mill Creek Bridge

  • Moville Comprehensive Plan

  • Sample Street

  • Second Street Ramp

  • Sibley Parkway

  • Sloan Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • South Front Street Reconstruction

  • Sumner Avenue Town Square

  • Trunk Highway 60 Downtown Reconstruction and Improvements

  • US Highway 14 Roundabout

  • US Highway 20

  • US Highway 59

  • West Lakeshore Drive