Claremont Water Treatment Facility

Claremont Water Treatment Facility

Claremont, MN

The City of Claremont was out of compliance and exceeding the maximum contaminant level (MCL) for radium in its drinking water. Due to the City’s existing debt levels, the City had a difficult time meeting the Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) compliance schedule to reduce the MCL .Claremont was initially working with another firm on solutions, but the competing firm estimated it would cost over $3 million to solve the MCL problem.

A new solution with an initial cost estimate of $800,000 was proposed. The resources planning team determined the best method of financing the project was through the Minnesota Public Facilities Authority’s (PFA) Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund. Planners and Engineers worked together to get the project placed on the PFA’s Project List (PPL) in order to become eligible for financing and then the PFA’s Intended Use Plan (IUP) for approval of project construction.

The project’s new water treatment process resulted in reduced radium levels well below the MDH’s maximum level while improving the overall water quality because the treatment process also removed additional contaminants. Instead of designing a new facility, a solution to re-purpose the existing well house to accommodate the water treatment equipment turned out to be a solution that saved the City a considerable amount of money.

During the funding process, planners worked with the PFA to have Claremont listed as a disadvantaged community which resulted $680,000 of principal forgiveness (grant funding of 82% of the project) which resulted in a much lower annual debt service.

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