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Through a cooperative agreement with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), Ducks Unlimited was selected to assist NRCS and landowners by providing technical assistance necessary to implement the former Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) authorized by the 2008 Farm Bill. The WRP was a voluntary program which allowed landowners to restore, protect, and enhance wetlands on their properties, with technical and financial assistance provided by NRCS. ISG was selected by Ducks Unlimited as a partner to provide professional services for the construction observation and development of the selected wetland projects in the North Central portion of Iowa.

WRP wetlands can help reduce downstream flooding and lessen damaging impacts from floods by spreading, slowing and storing floodwaters. Additionally, these wetlands provide habitat for a wide variety of plants and animals including migratory birds and aquatic life that depend upon wetlands as part of their life cycle. In many cases, these preserved wetlands also provide recreational, educational, and hunting opportunities for landowners.

ISG provided construction management services for 14 WRP projects administered by Ducks Unlimited in the Prairie Pothole Region of Iowa. ISG construction managers worked with local contractors to construct the wetland improvement projects coordinated and designed by NRCS and Ducks Unlimited.

DeWaard WRP, Hancock County
Helgeland WRP, Winnebago County
Helming WRP, Woodbury County
Janssen WRP, Palo Alto County
Janssen-Wichman WRP, Palo Alto County
Kierscht WRP, Clay County
Latham WRP, Worth County
Logemann & DeWaard WRP, Hancock County
Longwood Acres-Elser WRP, Clay County
Medlang WRP, Worth County
Osher-Saunders WRP, Palo Alto County
PC Iowa LLC WRP, Warren County
Shook WRP, Monona County
Strum WRP, Story County
Wilhelm WRP, Sac County


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