Hawkeye Community College

Hawkeye Community College

Waterloo, IA

Black Hawk Hall

The addition to Black Hawk Hall was the first major project on campus funded by the passage of a 25-million-dollar bond issue in 2003. In need of additional classroom space, teaching spaces were provided with state-of-the-art data and communication access, and where possible, tiered-seating was utilized to heighten the quality of student/teacher interaction. All classroom layouts were surveyed and customized to enhance teaching and learning capabilities. In addition to the traditional larger classrooms, “Team Spaces” were created for small-group use. Another highlight of the Black Hawk Hall facility is the common study area that provides a panoramic view of the open, natural landscaping of the campus center.

Buchanan Hall

The latest Buchanan Hall addition serves as the Advanced Technology Business Center for Hawkeye Community College. The project was based on the idea of becoming an outreach center to local businesses such as John Deere, Black Hawk Engineering, and local manufacturing companies. The outreach center is a collaborative environment where students, faculty and partnering businesses meet to discuss current training and what skills HCC is equipping prospective employees with for these local businesses.

An important aspect of the design was a visioning on how to create programs for continuing education opportunities within Advanced Technology fields, how to continue to be the education provider for these businesses and how together these two can help improve and grow the vitality of the local economy.

Hawkeye Center

This student center building was built to become the focus, and main campus icon, on the Hawkeye Community College campus. The round, mirrored glass and limestone building, was built as a reflection of the campus that surrounds it. This anchor facility now houses the college’s administrative offices and student book store.

A recent remodel to the interior of the building shifted the staircase, modernized finishes and added more collaborative and flexible furnishings.


The new library for Hawkeye Community College instantly became a model for libraries moving into the 21st century. The 26,000 square foot facility expanded the college’s art collection to accommodate its growing program. With integrated technology throughout, the building seamlessly joins together all of the media delivery methods available including written, audio, video, and Internet.

Recent renovations incorporated lounge furniture and built-in book cases as well as additional computer space and charging stations.

Student Center

Creating a “hub” for this Community College’s campus, the new Harold Brock Student Center offers a range of amenity services as well as providing office and workroom space for student organizations. Its addition to the campus was an important first step in expanding Hawkeye’s cultural environment and creating a social center for the campus. As part of the design initiative, the owner requested incorporating college colors as well as specifying durable finishes for longevity and easy maintenance.

The design for the Student Center incorporated many new amenities. A 300-seat student union features a specialty food court along with a full servicing kitchen. Students can choose from an array of menu items ranging from burgers to “home cooking” and ice cream to gourmet coffees. Along with office spaces, two multi-purpose rooms are available for meetings and special events, each with a capacity of 30-50 and serviceable by the kitchen. A stage area is large enough to accommodate a small band or other entertainment and flat screen TV monitors are mounted throughout the space. An activities area features pool tables, video games as well as plenty of spaces for relaxation between classes for the school’s students.

Now a popular and busy nexus for the institution, the Student Center has helped to create and elevate the campus from its original “technical school” origins to a true college campus environment.

Health Education and Services Center

Forty years after its initial inception, Hawkeye Community College decided to build a much needed Health Education and Service Center. It houses a gymnasium and associated fitness/weights area, a new Student Health Center, classroom/lab spaces for new Occupational and Physical Therapy programs and a Police Science program. Much needed general classroom spaces were also incorporated into its design.

Daylight and student wellness were important considerations in the design. The majority of interior spaces have access to natural light and the upper gymnasium walls are clad with translucent panels to harvest daylight. A running and walking track rings the upper portion of the gym, inviting students and staff to exercise throughout the day.

The building is designed to LEED standards and is heated and cooled by use of a ground water source pump and re-inject geothermal system. Individual heat pumps are spread throughout the building and an energy recovery unit is used for ventilation.

This was also a departure from the central campus and involved some re-imagining of the campus master plan, originally created with StruXture in the 1960’s. It was an important step in not only improving campus flow, but an opportunity to add vital services to campus to improve student enrollment as well as expanding the campus cultural environment.

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