Jackson Judicial Ditch No. 45

Jackson Judicial Ditch No. 45

Jackson County, MN

With approximately 77% of its watershed functioning below the recommended drainage coefficient, JD No. 45 was in significant need of repair. ISG gathered information from existing tile maps, Jackson County GIS, LIDAR information, aerial photos, and survey data. Based on this information, it was advised to construct approximately 24,050 feet of new tile for the mainline and two additional branches, and approximately 35,250 feet of new tile for secondary branches. These larger tiles replace the entire mainline, as well as 60% of the branches, and greatly improve the system’s capacity. The additions of a surge basin at each outlet, two stage ditch, buffer strips, and alternative intakes will further enhance water quality by reducing peak flows, sediment, and nutrients. To help fund these changes, several potential outside funding sources were consolidated. These updates will contribute to the public welfare of the area by developing a system that is better prepared for severe weather and reduces risk of overland flow due to storms.


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