Misty’s Dance Unlimited

Misty’s Dance Unlimited

Hosting more than 200 dance classes a week, Misty’s Dance Unlimited (MDU) is an award winning dance studio located in Onalaska, Wisconsin. With a growing class schedule and demand for more studio space, MDU needed to expand. ISG designed plans for MDU’s new studio, as well as a retail facility, to enhance the overall experience for dancers, their families, and staff.

To better comprehend these needs and learn how current spaces were utilized, an interactive meeting and site visit took place with MDU, where key values were identified at the beginning of the schematic design phase. Catering to students from 2 to 18 years, new dance studio needed to serve a widely varied audience. Improving visitor circulation within the hallways and out in the parking lot was a particularly important concern to the entire community, as there was frequent congestion between classes. This constant communication continued throughout the rest of the project, especially during the finalization of construction documents, which were sent to MDU at 30%, 60%, and 90% completion, and construction administration, which entailed weekly site visits. Local and state officials were also incorporated early in the process to complete the necessary permit applications.

The new building encompasses approximately 22,000 square feet of space and sits on over two acres, providing parking on two sides. Inside are six main studios, one large sized performance studio, a child’s play area, office space, costume shop, conference room, multiple storage areas, locker rooms, and coffee shop. Sitting two stories tall, the first floor of the facility caters to the younger students and includes a spacious waiting area. Located at the heart of a cluster of studios, the waiting area can seat approximately 20 individuals for those waiting to pick up their child. The interior partitions in the studios have gypsum soundboard and insulation to improve sound control. The upper level serves middle and high schoolers and was designed to create a college student union feel and dedicated outlets to iPads, phones, and other electronics. Attached to the west side of the building, the retail and rental space creates a stronger link to the local community by offering an entrepreneurial opportunity to small businesses.

Tailored to the vision, branding, and goals of Misty’s Dance Unlimited, the new dance studio supports their growing community with a purposeful design layout.

  • Key Elements
    • Retail + rental space
    • Interactive meetings
    • Gypsum soundboard and insulation
    • Coffee shop
    • Multiple storage areas
    • Costume shop
  • Measureable Design Expertise
    • 22,000 square feet
    • 7 dance studios
    • Serves more than 200 dance classes a week
    • 1,500 square-foot coffee shop


  • Twin Cities Harley-Davidson Blaine

  • ABRA Auto Body & Glass

  • Francesca’s

  • Starbucks

  • Liv Aveda

  • Snell Motors

  • Number 4 American Bar and Kitchen

  • Pizza Ranch

  • Chankaska Creek Ranch & Winery