Southwestern Mental Health Center

Southwestern Mental Health Center

Worthington, MN

Celebrating 50 years of service, Southwestern Mental Health Center (SWMHC) prides itself in its mission to promote the mental health and total wellbeing of local communities. When the long-term lease for their Luverne location expired, SWMHC decided to find a new home in an existing building to expand services, limit demolition costs, and improve visibility and accessibility. Together with the Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership and ISG, SWMHC developed plans for an expansion of a cohesive block to provide services to the community.

ISG led the renovation design development phase, as well as construction documentation and administration. These phases were guided by a construction manager who was specially selected for this project. Throughout the design of conceptual sketches, ISG actively collaborated with SWMHC staff to produce purposeful designs that would meet the unique needs of the facility. As suggestions and ideas were articulated into draft form, they were constantly checked and rechecked with the vision and goals of SWMHC. During the later stages of the project, a preliminary architectural feasibility report was organized to facilitate SWMHC’s funding partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development Division.

The new SWMHC building is nearly 10,000 square feet with plans to hold approximately 18 therapy rooms and offices, two large offices, a conference room, play room, and ancillary support spaces. The facility’s interior incorporates unique elements including a wayfinding feature which provides an intuitive path through the facility using materials, textures and colors. Integrating color theory into the décor, each color was selected to inspire a specific mood such as painting blue for serenity and wellbeing, and yellow for joy and happiness. Programming areas are divided into separate occupant areas with corresponding administration, storage, and equipment space. The building exterior features a rich, earth-toned taupe color, flanked by a decorative rock base. Square windows are trimmed in bright white and bring a welcoming, residential feel to the building that is nestled within a quiet neighborhood.

The new Southwestern Mental Health Center facility now helps to serve the entire community with a variety of services in one campus setting.

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