Tin Roost

Tin Roost

North Liberty, IA

As one of the fastest growing cities in Iowa, North Liberty has seen a 37% increase in their population within the last five years. The need for commercial services has dramatically increased in this expanding community, prompting the development of the new, full-service restaurant, Tin Roost. Taking inspiration from the restaurant’s famous rotisserie chicken-based menu, ISG provided full architectural and engineering services for Tin Roost, helping to create an upscale dining option for North Liberty.

Tin Roost gave design license to ISG with a goal to reflect their taste and develop a brand, by providing a stylish industrial look incorporating the restaurant’s name as a theme. This was achieved through a variety of unique design elements, including wire infused glass on interior lighting fixtures, beehive-style tiles, and an overhead door that leads to a private dining space.

Producing a restaurant that balanced a family-friendly atmosphere with the bar scene was a design challenge during the early concept plans. To address this, the restaurant offers unique seating arrangements that appeal to a wide audience. Comprised of 8,000 square feet, the facility has the capacity to seat 400 patrons. Families can take their children to the patio, which is one of the key features of the restaurant. Capable of seating 150 people, the expansive patio offers seating for large and small parties, and creates an inviting welcome with three fire pits. Guests overlook a natural pond area, allowing them to dine in the fresh air. For younger couples, an incredible circular bar serves as Tin Roost’s interior focal point, featuring 36 exposed beer taps that showcase their offerings. There are also two private dining rooms, one small and one large, which can accommodate 20 and 80 people for events.

Anticipated to employ up to 100 individuals, the construction of Tin Roost boosts North Liberty’s local economy. With varied menu selections and seating options, Tin Roost provides a dining environment perfect for visitors of any age and dining preference.