Verizon Wireless Corporate Office

Verizon Wireless Corporate Office

Mankato, MN

125,000 Square Feet

This iconic building has experienced many changes since its inception and ISG has remained a constant presence from the beginning. Originally created for a local wireless phone service provider, ISG was requested to design what would become the Verizon Wireless Corporate Office. Verizon Wireless moved into their new office because of the building’s capacity to expand, an important necessity for the fast-growing company.

Original designs for the building encompassed 77,000 square feet, and the state-of-the-art facility was constructed to host executive and general offices, conference rooms, public demonstration and technology labs, a customer service response center, lecture facilities, and employee lunchroom and break areas. Conference rooms were built in a variety of different sizes in central locations to meet the diverse meeting and training requirements of a communications company.

From the beginning, it was important for the facility to leave room for potential expansion. Planning ahead, the overarching design purposely prepared in anticipation of future growth, creating two separate construction phases to maximize the flexibility of the facility. The first phase was completed in 2000, with the second phase implemented a short four years later. This 55,000 square-foot addition nearly doubled the entire building’s size, increasing it to a total 125,000 square feet. Architects crafted a circular, two-story lobby from which three wings radiate, providing a welcoming entrance for visitors and employees. The added space included more offices, an employee break area and café, an auditorium, and an additional conference and training center. An exterior balcony was also added, along with a 30 foot diameter domed skylight over a spacious, three-story atrium. One section of the facility memorializes the company’s history, while another contains a replica of the first wireless tower – both tributes to how far the company has come. Warm materials and bright lighting throughout each of these multipurpose areas take those inside on a visual journey, successfully capturing corporate vision while seamlessly connecting the new space with existing designs. The building is now constructed with a gray and black granite pre-cast exterior and features a 300 foot radius, which includes a 24 foot water feature and an indoor garden. Following this large addition, ISG has provided a series of routine follow-up services, including updates to the existing HVAC system.

With its clean, steel exterior and array of windows, the building serves as the perfect gateway for a growing regional office and industrial center in Mankato, Minnesota. From conceptual planning to interior renovations, ISG has helped develop a building capable of adapting to constant change. As the company and its services continue to evolve, ISG will help the Verizon Wireless Corporate Office adapt and maintain its history of excellence.


  • 2001 Special Recognition from Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI)


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