Watonwan County Judicial Ditch No. 13

Watonwan County Judicial Ditch No. 13

Watonwan County, MN

Encompassing over 3,000 acres, JD 13 was in need of repairs after seeing few changes over nearly 100 years. ISG guided the replacement of over 5,000 feet of old and damaged tile, and rerouted the mainline open ditch outlet and tile to a MnDOT storm pond, reducing flows downstream and creating storage for the system. A branch on the system’s west end was also rerouted. New, larger tiles for the improvements create steeper grades for increased water capacity. This project had the added benefit of being coordinated with MnDOT’s expansion of Highway 60, which had already improved portions of the ditch. A level one wetland delineation was conducted of the project’s improvement areas that MnDOT had not already evaluated. These improvements ultimately increased the system’s drainage coefficient to the recommended .5 inches/day from .26 to .36 inches/day.


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