Brand, Retail, and Hospitality

In the commercial, hospitality, and retail industries, branding is the vehicle that transforms facilities and stores into spaces of customer, employee, and visitor experience. By heightening the user’s overall experience, ISG supports businesses as they continue to build a signature image while providing the quality products, services, and environments that set them apart.

As designers, ISG helps our clients balance brand continuity, profitability per square foot, proactive due diligence, and general functionality needs. All are critical components to a successful and streamlined project, be it single new facility construction or planning across nationwide locations, and allow partners to open their doors sooner and with great operational efficiency in the months and years to come.

When it comes to dining, entertainment, and lodging, it’s ISG’s goal to go above the stereotypical to surpass consumer expectations, enhancing and building the client’s brand. ISG’s vast list of clientele is represented by hotels and restaurants, national chains, and independents, who are experiencing the bottom-line success of dynamic indoor and outdoor environments—the result of our team’s visionary and responsive project approach.

Brian Gjerde, PE
Commercial developments are a group effort requiring support across a myriad of city and community stakeholders, and the best way to ensure it’s a win-win for all is to have the right team behind the project.

Brian Gjerde, PE | Vice President, Project Delivery