Parks + Trails

Clean water, safe streets, and dependable utility systems are some of the most important staples in our everyday lives. However, the best communities also offer amenities for their constituents that promote healthy, active lifestyles, and robust outdoor recreation. At ISG, we help partners develop short and long-term park and trail solutions that reinforce system improvements as a priority for the community, provide a strategic framework for their implementation, and offer a maximized return on investment.

With strategic master planning, our community planners, landscape architects, and transportation engineers help connect designs for new trails to existing systems and amenities, providing a wide range of recreational opportunities for park and trail users. Likewise, ISG architects provide designs that seamlessly connect built environments with the outdoors, helping to introduce multi-purpose facilities and shelters that add to the overall user experience.

Because these spaces are meant to be enjoyed by the public, community engagement is central to their planning and design processes. At ISG, we facilitate targeted and meaningful collaboration with multiple user groups and stakeholders, listening to their needs, helping them define goals for the community, and translating input into sustainable, cost-effective, and playful outdoor spaces.

Nathan Gruver
The ability to translate a clear vision for the future is essential to building project support for many of our clients looking to introduce new or improved park and trail amenities to their communities. Through focused public engagement, forward-thinking designs, and the development of detailed 3D renderings, we can help do just that.

Nathan Gruver | Landscape Architect