Recreation + Aquatics

Recreational opportunities are at the center of wellness, community, and fun, making athletic facilities and aquatic centers vibrant amenities for any city, county, district, or campus. ISG’s experience leading master planning, resource planning, cost estimating, design, and project management for recreational and aquatic facilities across the Midwest has helped our partners provide enjoyment for a wide range of demographics in fun and safe environments.

ISG’s team is made up of synthetic turf selection and design experts, Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, and experienced community planners that help clients make the best long-term decisions for communities. User safety, programming opportunities, long-term maintenance, and connectivity to the surrounding community are but a few of the many considerations ISG weighs when developing solutions for multi-purpose fields, basketball courts, pools, splashpads, fitness centers, and many other recreational facilities.

Amanda Prosser, PLA, CPSI
User safety, programming opportunities, connectivity, up-front costs, and long-term sustainability are but a few of the complex hurdles we help our clients overcome through targeted community engagement, strategic long-term financing, and phased implementation plans.

Amanda Prosser, PLA, CPSI | Associate Principal, Practice Group Leader